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Extended Warranty

image IC Frith operates a Third Party Administration (TPA) service for the provision of Extended Warranty to one of Australia’s leading retail outlets for household electrical and electronic goods, eg., fridges, clothes dryers, televisions, PCs.

 International Underwriters Group have extensive knowledge and experience in the administration of Extended Service Plan programs in Australia.

They offer a wide range of additional products and services to many of our clients in adddition to the standard warranty programs. A selection of services we provide includes:Administration of Extended Service Plan programsClaims handling and managementSales trainingIncentives schemes for retailers


image Lumley Retail Warranty was founded in 1999. Lumley Retail Warranty takes pride in offering flexible, tailor-made solutions for the consumer market through the Electrical Appliance Retail Industry with an extended warranty program for Australia's leading retail stores. Lumley Retail Warranty is the market leader in extended warranty with quality service, innovative solutions, national and comprehensive coverage.